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The studio is located at 3251 Lamar Ave Suite B Paris, Texas 75460. We're open by appointment only to give each client the attention and care they deserve. Our goal is to give every client an exceptional experience from beginning to end; providing a welcoming, cozy space for consultations, portrait sessions and ordering appointments. TFP Boutique Portrait Studio gives us a place to build relationships while putting tangible art products into your hands. 
People love behind the scene looks (including me). I'm always happy to share information with fellow photogs! One thing I will point out to photographers who are planning a studio space, if you have unlimited square footage – Awesome! But most of us do not and I highly recommend making everything dual purposed. With <400 sq ft all of my seating choices were made knowing I would be able to use them in photo shoots as well. The smaller space forces me to use what I have and think outside the box. Everything I purchase is used to the max. Honestly, my space is perfect for me. The next portion of my studio tour will cover my shooting space and what I like to shoot with, so stay tuned for that! :)